Savings account

Save money and do smart banking for a good life.

Demat Account

For all your trading solutions and securities this is best for you.

Mutual Fund

Investment problems made easy with this account for you.


Account is a safe deposit that you can choose as per your convenience with any given bank in India. You can withdraw money, deposit amount coming from various resources in your account. Bank also offers interest on money deposited in your account as per the current rate of interest.

Bank account also provides you with facilities like netbanking,phonebanking, ATM card and personalized services at your doorstep. By just few clicks you can transfer your money to anyone and do shopping as well.

There are four types of bank: private banks, public sector banks, foreign banks and cooperative banks. You can open your account in any of the banks in India.

Type Of Accounts

  • Savings Account: This is most popular among the customers of India and widely used by people throughout the world. You can withdraw and deposit any amount of money from this account as per the amount you have in your account. You are given a debit card to give you a facility of cash withdrawal through ATM. Interest is also given on the money deposited in your account and it varies from bank to bank.
  • Demat Account: This account helps in holding your shares and securities in electronic format. Its purpose is to hold the shares that are converted from physical to electronic form and then they will be easily used for online trading. This account holds all the investment made through shares, securities, bonds and mutual funds at one place.
  • Mutual Funds:This is a popular and easy investment option available to those who are looking for investment ideas. These funds are formed when money is pooled from various investors and then it is invested in different assets like gold, equity, foreign securities and so on. They have become a popular instrument of investment due to higher returns that they bring along with the invested amount. An investor can invest in a mutual fund by spending as low as Rs. 500.