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  • A minor error in judgement can cause a major accident. But don’t worry, we’ll take care of the damages to your car everytime.
  • It’s scary to see your car catch fire! But we’ll cover damages caused to your car due to the ones resulting from self-ignition, explosion and lightning.
  • Car accidents can result in injury to, and death of any third party, while also damaging property.
  • But we’ll cover damages related to third-party losses.
About acko Car Insurance

Correct personal details like name, current residential address and details on your driver’s license, need to be on the policy document.

Your address will be used to send the hard copy of your policy.

Also, entering correct personal details will be helpful at the time of claims.

Car Insurance

This insurance protects the car owner against the financial loss done due to accidents, damage/theft of the insured vehicle. In India, it is mandatory to buy a car insurance as it fulfills the legal liability of the vehicle owner arising due to loss or damage caused to third party/property.

Types Of Car Insurance

  • 1) Third Party Insurance: This is a basic insurance that covers the bodily damage/injuries or any loss caused to third party by the insured vehicle.
  • 2) Comprehensive Insurance: This insurance policy provides enhanced insurance coverage as it covers third party liability and owned damage to the insured vehicle.

Inclusion Of Car Insurance

  • 1) Any damage caused to the car due to accident, fire, riots, natural calamities like flood, earthquake etc.
  • 2) Loss or theft of insured vehicle
  • 3) Third party liability
  • 4) Personal accident cover provided to the driver

Exclusions Of Car Insurance

  • 1) Loss due to ageing of the vehicle
  • 2) Mechanical or electrical breakdown
  • 3) Damage done by the driver without a legal driving license
  • 4) Damage caused under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other such substance
  • 5) Damage or loss outside the boundary of India

How To Buy Car Insurance?

  • 1) Online Mode: Checkout various insurance companies providing car insurance and pick the one which proves best in giving you maximum coverage, best features and minimum premium amount. This also helps you in paying the premium online.
  • 2) Offline Mode: You can visit the preferred car insurance company and fill up the form at the branch after understanding all the terms and conditions.