EMI Calculator

EMI calculator allows users to calculate EMI as per their monthly income and help to select loan amount and offers. With the help of this calculator individual can calculate their Education Loan EMI, Loan against Property EMI, Home Loan EMI, Personal Loan EMI, Car Loan EMI and other EMI as per requirement.

Basically EMI relay on applicable interest rate along with principal amount. As we know that emi is quite integral part of Loan. Whenever someone will apply for loan, this is first thing that comes through in our mind. These days it is quite easy to calculate applicable EMI through available authentic tools to get the current position of repayment and monthly installments. As per provision of respective company or agency it is quite mandatory to repay the entire applicable amount on monthly basis. Applykaroo avails facility of free emi calculation without any charges; user can use this tool to estimate their budget and may also decide how much amount they need to complete their pending task.

Concept of EMI based repayment is far better because it is not possible to repay the amount in single time payment. As per this concept it is easy to tackle all the require condition. It eases the condition of financial position of your repayment; plan your monthly budget expanses accordingly. It is quite necessary to understand that EMI rates work for both parties and it may vary with time and market need. It is mandatory to repay amount on basis of applicable policies.

What is an EMI?

As it is understood that loan approval in possible when two parties agree with each other condition, specially borrower need to accept all required condition to manage all financial requirement at that particular time. In all above specified process it is mandatory to repay the amount along with applicable interest rate. There could be any reason to apply for loan at any phase of life; it may be any personal reason, higher education of child or any other specific reason. In most of cases major factors that affect process are interest rate, loan tenure along with loan amount. To make process easier and affordable always calculate required amount and along with applicable taxes.

Steps to calculate your EMI through calculator

  • Enter your loan amount.

  • Specify your loan tenure.

  • Specify interest rate as per respective bank policy.

  • Click on CALCULATE EMI button.

  • You will get result as per your details.

Apart from information about EMI, users will get other useful information total amount including interest, total interest amount, monthly and yearly interest. Explore the best plan and to avoid any complication in future always select EMI as per your budget. Before final selection user must compare plans of all banks to understand plans. In modern era, banks offer various plans as per customer’s requirement and help them to fulfill their need.

Benefits of EMI Calculator

Use Online EMI Calcuator

  • Enter your loan amount.

  • EMI calculator helps you to configure your interest rate as per your budget, if you are planning to shift your loan.

  • Allow you to compare interest rates of different banks.

  • Click on CALCULATE EMI button.

  • Help you to apply for loan as per your budget.

About Interest Rate in Loan

Floating Interest Rate:

Any interest that change with time or after particular duration, is floating interest rate. If your loan is based on this category then calculation of EMI will be complicated.

Fixed Interest Rate:

Any interest rate that does not change with time and will remain same is, fixed interest rate. EMI calculation is quite easy if your loan belong to this type of interest rate.

Use Excel to Calculate Your EMI

If you want to pick other alternative to measure your financial liability then it is possible through Microsoft excel. To complete the process of emi calculation it is possible by applying formula PMR where R (rate): it refers to applicable interest rate, PV refers to current value/principal and nper refers to number of total repayment options.

Apply karo Online EMI Calculator is Suitable for Calculation of

  • Home Loan

  • Car Loan

  • Education Loan

  • Personal Loan

Types of Available Online EMI Calculators

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Generally people refer it as multipurpose loan that can be used for different types of financial needs or to accomplish some valuable tasks. Basically people apply for this loan to manage their medical expenses, regarding study of children and some other ones. Personal loan emi calculator will help all users to estimate their budget as per expanse and other investment related needs.

EMI Calculator for Loan against Property

People can avail this loan by lending the properties like land, residential and commercial property and lender will finalize the amount after the estimating the current market value of that particular product. Loan against property based emi calculator will guide respective authorize person to find out their current financial condition and plan your needs accordingly. Picking the correct parameters is one of the best policy that individual may apply to get the exact amount related information with ease. While calculating interest rate based EMI, it is necessary to enter the correct amount, tenure along with incurred interest rate.

Car Loan EMI Calculator

Buy car is new craze in modern generation and car loan emi calculator will help them to get the exact calculation of required amount. It is quite necessary to understand the importance of these vital tools. Sometimes estimation of exact amount may become little bit complicated and to resolve all these issues quite easily, authentic tools may play major role. Generally company allows the repayment tenure of 60 months.

Home Loan EMI Calculator

If you have borrowed home loan from any nationalized or private sector bank then it becomes quite necessary to use this kind of tools and other valuable offers to get the opportunity to save your amount. Emi calculator will signify all vital factors along with repayment amount and respective tenure. These days banks follow strict guideline to avails home loan to borrower and one of the most convenient ways of releasing amount on basis of lender property and other valuable assets. In recent terminology borrower will get 30 years flexibility to repay the amount along with applicable interest rate and affordable EMI.

EMI Calculator Working Mechanism

On basis of certain parameter and respective interest rate to calculate the exact EMI got further processing. Some of them are specified below:

  • Total Amount of Loan: The actually borrowed or principal amount to buy land, car, home, medical expenses are main reason behind borrowing. Total amount may vary with time and basically it depends on need of individual. One that customer or applicant must always remember that if they will avails higher loan amount then they have to repay higher EMI per month that sometimes could affect the regular budget of your life style.

  • Interest Rate: it refers to the extra amount that respective authorize company charge for availing amount and this amount will be added in total amount and EMI will be based on that amount. Interest rate may vary with condition and market condition, type of loan. It may be fixed, floating or sometimes it may be combination of these two.

  • Tenure of Loan: It is basically refers to tenure of repayment. In most of cases it relies on type of tenure along with the policy of loan provider to complete the further processing. In most of cases tenure may vary, means tenure may land between 5 to 30 years for personal and home loan respectively.

Konw about current interest rate on EMI

Benefits of EMI Calculator

  • Easy Accessing: This tool can be used any time, across the world that too without paying any charges. So use them as per need and get the accurate and easy answers of your all respective doubts.

  • Save valuable time and complicated calculation: if you want to compare polices and their respective interest rate then it becomes necessary to understand the value of real sense of accurate and reliable result. These tools offer special privilege of time saving as well as protection from complicated calculations.

  • Manage Financial Needs in Structured Way: Once you will apply for loan then there will be several terminology like interest rare, loan tenure, amount will be introduced and this is one of the best way to handle these things without and complication.

  • Brings Accurate Result: While calculating the EMI on basis of interest rate and total amount then sometimes you may commit any mistake and this could ruin the condition. To avoid all these mistakes use EMI calculator and get best result.


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