HDFC Ergo Home Insurance

Home Insurance
Maximum Bonus
  • Offers 5-year long term cover (Only flat/homeowners can avail)
  • Provision for increasing the sum insured by 10% at the end of every year.
  • No documentation and hassle-free buying procedure.
  • Flexibility to select between two plans.
  • Discount up to 25% and an additional 15% discount for security features under Burglary section
About HDFC Ergo Home Insurance

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Sometimes health insurance policies might require you to undergo a few medical tests. You will be required to submit the medical reports detailing the results of these tests as well.

Home Insurance

Home Insurance takes care of your home and offers protection to the house and its contents in case of any physical damage. It provides coverage against theft, riots, terror attack, flood, storm and earthquake.

Features Of Home Insurance

  • 1) Home insurance provides the cover against various damages that might prove dangerous for your home. Insurance not only protects your home but also the contents inside the home.
  • 2) Basic building cover is provided by the home insurance companies. They also provide protection to the structures around the house like fencing, garage, driveway or pool.
  • 3) Home insurance policy also covers contents inside the house like various electronic appliances like personal computer, air conditioner,TV, refrigerator. It also covers furniture like dining table, bed etc. Expensive assets like gold and jewellery is also covered under this policy.

Benefits Of Home Insurance

  • 1) It secures not just the structure but also the surroundings attached to your home along with the content inside the house.
  • 2) In case of any unforeseen event like theft, fire breakout, earthquake you will remain secure with the amount that home insurance policy will provide.
  • 3) Timely payment of premium keeps your budget in place and also helps in quick rebuilding process of your home.
  • 4) In case, a third person gets injured on your property then home insurance helps you by securing from any legal or third party liability.
  • 5) If you choose the right home insurance policy then it provides coverage even when you are away from home at a distant place. If there is any repairing or renovation needs to be done at your residing place then some insurance companies do offer alternate accommodation for a specified time. This also covers all incurred expenses as well.

Types Of Home Insurance

  • 1) Fire and Casualty Insurance Policy: This policy provides protection against fire outbreak and special perils. This policy covers the home against losses and damages done due to natural calamities or man-made calamities like overflowing of tanks, leakage etc.
  • 2) Public Liability Coverage: There might be a possibility that during the visit of your friends or relatives they or your house might encounter any loss or damage. Home insurance policy comes to your rescue at that point of time to save you from any legal hassles and damage done to the property of your home will be sorted in an easy way.
  • 3) Personal Accident or Theft: In case of any accident, physical injury or even the demise of the insured person, the insurance company offers the compensation amount for the smooth sailing of the expenses.
  • 4) Landlord Insurance:This protects the property of landlord against any damage incurred by the tenants to the property while they are living in it. This saves the landlord from public liability and loss of rent due to any damage done in the house as well.

Eligibility Criteria To Buy Home Insurance

  • 1) The person who is willing to buy the insurance must be a resident of India.
  • 2) A person who intends to buy the property should be the owner of the property or must be residing in the property.
  • 3) If you are living in a society then you should be a member of the society managing committee to buy home insurance. This will cover all the utilities that comes under the common use of society.