Online Registration for GST

Online Registration for GST

As we know that Lok Sabha has passed the GST bill recently and India government is implementing this bill with full effect from 1st July 2017. GST is tax for goods and services that customers are going to pay in place of multiple taxes. Central and State government will impose this tax in place of service tax, sales tax; value added tax (VAT) and other taxes.

If you are registered with current tax system and your current income is as per GST criteria and hold valid PAN card, then you can enroll for GST. If you are casual trader, used to pay TDS then enrolment in GST is mandatory for you. For further processing you have to access your provisional login ID and password and login central or state vat website and create unique id and password for GST related accessing.

Process for Online Registration

To enroll online for GST, candidate must visit official enrollment portal

As per new rule you have to pay 12,000 as IGST when product coast is around 1 Lakhs and in current tax system you have to pay 14,500 for same product.

  • First of all create your user id and password. For further processing fill the form GST REG 01 and enter your mobile number and PAN card number. Authorities will validate your mobile number through one time password and PAN card will be verified online from income tax website.

  • Fill the GST REG 02 form and submit along with following documents:

    • Recent Photograph

    • Proof of tax payment.

    • Recent Proof of business continuity.

    • Candidate Bank Details.

  • Finance and income tax department offers will validate all the details, if every submitted document is fine then your request will be approved within three working days otherwise authorities will inform to respective person via GST REG 03 to correct the details to complete the remaining process.

  • Candidate need to respond within 7 days through GST REG 04 along with correct information. If you do not receive any message in next three days from respective party that means your request will be approved soon.

If you are operating your business in different states then as per policy separate registration is mandatory to continue your business. If someone is dealing in multiple business sectors then registration for each business in necessary.