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Online Credit Card

As we all know that credit card is a type of payment card which is use to pay bill of trading and shopping. Facilities of credit card depend upon limit, offer and its type. In modern era credit cards are important and useful because it resolves plenty of transaction related issues and make online transaction secure and reliable. If card holders use this plastic currency smartly then it’s quite effective otherwise user may face some serious financial trap or trouble.

Before you start use of your credit card, user must be aware about all policies and condition of the particular card. Especially if you are new user of credit card you must ask from responsible bank or financial organization to avoid any issues in future. Credit card user must ask about transaction limits, fees, security features, Information about discount facility, transaction charges, ATM cash withdrawal limit and other useful information as per your need. In case of new policies always confirm it with card providing company. In short, it can be said that the card holder has to be aware about all policies to avoid any financial trap. Always keep monthly transaction records to make things transparent and reliable. After finalizing your choice, user may easily apply online for credit card.

Advantage Of Credit Card

Apart from above described credit card advantages responsible organization or bank offers some amazing offers and facility to customer. Some trending offers that customers are getting with their credit card are rewards points, bonus points; cash back offers, maximum discount on transactions, gifts on shopping, some customers may get opportunity in credit card renewable amount and many more.

Offers and facilities of credit cards depends upon types of credit card, some popular credit card categories are Business, Secured credit cards, Rewards, general purpose cards and several other that provides secure transaction facility and Some credit cards provider are associated with international payment gateways such as MasterCard, Visa, standard chartered and American Express.Paying all due on time is the best way to earn and maintain a healthy credit history because in some case when card holder will apply for a loan and if credit history is not so good then the loan will not be approved easily. Just because of poor credit history respective bank may reject requests of the loan.

How to Apply for a Credit Card Online

Check different card options, benefits, schemes, and reward programs on a bank’s website. For instance, if you want to apply for an SBI credit card, then visit SBI’s website and check various card options.

The portal will ask for a few details from you such as name, residence, employment status, DOB, permanent address, email id, phone number, gender, pin code, and father’s/spouse’s name. Fill in the details and move ahead. Now, provide your employer details and your yearly/monthly income as asked by the bank’s credit card are other options such as ‘if you already have a credit card’ and ‘if you have a bank account’ in the particular bank you are applying credit card for. Select the correct answer and move forward.After this stage, you’ll be able to see credit card options you can apply for based on your credit score and yearly income.

Carefully check all the benefits, schemes, and reward programs again, and also read the terms and conditions. Then select the card and proceed. Some bank websites also ask for OTP verification and scanned copy of documents, so, make sure you enter the correct mobile number and have scanned copy of documents ready with you.The bank representative will call you and tell you the further process.

Eligibility Criteria for Credit Cards

The primary consideration for a credit card is a salaried income and a decent credit score. For those without a salaried income you need a fixed deposit. There is a minimum salary and credit rating criteria which varies from bank to bank. You will also be required to submit address proof, ID proof, Salary details including IT returns and PAN card copy.

Fees and Charges

Every credit card comes with some fees and charges. Yes, these charges can be avoided, but, it is important to know what fees and charges a credit card can have. Here’s the list for your reference.

Annual fee

Every credit card has an annual maintenance fee applicable for one year, and cards that are offered for free, usually rebate first year’s maintenance fees.


If you fail to pay the credit or borrowed amount in the grace period, your credited amount is subjected to interest decided upon earlier. Cost of overseas transactions – Every overseas transaction made by you is charged with certain fees, which is generally 3.5 % of the transaction amount.

Cash withdrawal interest

If you ever withdraw cash from your credit card, this amount is charged with an interest, which is higher than the normal interest rate.

Fees for overusing card limit

If you cross the limit of credit and still use your card, the bank charges you some fees for crossing the card limit even by Re 1.

Fees for late payment

When you pay the bill within grace period there is no interest, and after that, you have to pay interest. However, if you don’t pay the credit amount for more than 90 days, you are charged late payment fee.

Fees for card replacement

When you replace your card due to any underlying reasons, you have to pay fees for card replacement.


If you have ever noticed, then every petrol bill transaction comes with an additional surcharge, which is either 2.5 % of the total credited amount or a flat rate of Rs 10 – Rs 25.

Service tax

Every single transaction from your card carries a service tax.

Benefits of Credit Card

If you use your credit card intelligently, then you can avail various benefits from it without paying any extra amount. However, if you don’t have control over your spending habits, then you might end up losing a huge amount of money on interests.Here are some benefits you can reap from your credit card if you use it logically and cleverly.

1. Flexibility- Credit cards give you the flexibility of paying a large bill all at once. You don’t have to wait to save money. You can simply pay with your credit card and save the money until your next billing cycle.

2. Credit Protection- Most credit card providers offer credit protection of some amount. So, if your transaction goes wrong or any fraudulent activity happens, you won’t lose your money. This is not possible in case of debit cards and cash; your money will be gone for real.

3. Take credit for free- If you pay your credit bills before the end of next billing cycle, you won’t have to pay any interest.

4. Receive extra benefits while spending- Most credit cards give you additional benefits such as cash back, discounts, and loyalty points.

5. Take a loan on your card- Sometimes when you really need the cash or money, you can take a loan on your credit card. The interest will be a bit costly, but this is a great option for withdrawing money instantly.

6. Make EMIs on large credits- If you have a good limit credit card, then you can opt for EMI payment option for a big bill.

Documents Required

1. PAN Card copy

2. Income proof, which may include the pay slip or the IT Returns filed

3. Proof of Residence, which can be anyone from the following passport, ration card, electricity bill, telephone bill

4. Identity Proof, anyone from the following Driving license, Passport, Aadhaar or Pan Card

5. Age Proof, anyone from the following, birth certificate, 10th certificate 6. Colored Photographs and copy.

Uses of Credit Card

Credit Cards can be used for a whole variety of purposes. Issued by a credit card provider, credit cards are accepted worldwide in several places within your home country and abroad and hence can be very handy. Although they can be used anywhere, there are charges applicable for their use, so always check your credit card agreement before going ahead.

Checklist for applying Credit Card

These days, credit cards work everywhere from malls to grocery shops and ice-cream parlors. If you have a credit card lying in your bag, you practically don’t have to carry cash for anything. Just take out your card and start grocery shopping, run errands, buy waffles, or go on an impromptu shopping spree. However, there are some things you need to keep in mind before applying for a credit card.

Check your credit score

Generally, a credit score of 700 and above is considered good for applying for a credit card. So, visit any website that offers free credit score calculation, and evaluate your credit score.

Dont apply for every card

If you are applying for every possible credit card, it can affect your chances of getting it because many providers will check that you have already applied for so many cards. Stick to two or three cards.

Check if you have the Required Documents

Every credit card provider will ask for identity proof, age proof, income proof, and address proof. For NRI customers, there are additional documents required, which you can check beforehand on the provider’s website.

Look out for other alternatives

Getting your very first credit card is usually hard because there is no credit history, so, banks don’t have any basis for offering credit. Look for other options like getting a card on your salary account, and if you are self-employed, check for cards in which you can give some money as a fixed deposit and take a card on that deposit. This will build your credit score, hence, making it easy to apply for further cards.If your credit card application is approved, be responsible. Pay your bills on time and don’t mess with your chance of getting better cards in future.