TATA AIG Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance
Get TATA AIG Travel Insurance Starting @RS.306*! We also offer a Senior citizen Travel Insurance.
  • 24/7 access to medical advice on the telephone from anywhere in the world.
  • Cashless transactions at network hospitals.
  • An arrangement of a compassionate visit of a loved one in case of hospitalization.
  • Referrals of medical practitioners and hospitals.
About TATA AIG Travel Insurance

Applicant ID proof copy ( Aadhaar card, PAN card, Voter Id, card Passport, driving license).

Applicant last 6 Months bank statements last three month salary slip require, in case of salaried individual.

Copy of Form 16 and the IT Returns Statement is required.

Travel Insurance

To take care of any unforeseen events that might happen with you when you are travelling abroad, travel insurance comes into being. This covers medical expenses, loss of baggage, personal accident, loss of passport, theft of personal belongings, trip cancellation and curtailment. This helps in giving you a hassle free and peaceful trip while you are out of India for enjoyment.

Types Of Travel Insurance Policy

  • 1) Domestic Travel Insurance: This insurance is for the people who are travelling within the boundaries of India. It provides coverage in case of theft, medical emergency, loss of baggage and accident as well.
  • 2) International Travel Insurance:This policy covers up the individual and his family travelling to any foreign country. This provides coverage in financial assistance, medical expenses, loss of passport, flight delay, loss of check-in baggage and dental expenses as well.
  • 3) Family Travel Insurance:This insurance is meant for the whole family travelling together abroad. It covers the policyholder, spouse and dependant children. The family members are provided with loss of passport, medical expenses, loss of baggage and much more.
  • 4) Senior Citizen Travel Insurance:This insurance plan is designed for people above 60 years of age. It protects senior citizens from unforeseen financial emergencies, loss of baggage, medical emergency and dental expense too.
  • 5) Student Travel Insurance:This plan is specially designed for Indian students who travel abroad for their further studies. This comes with a valid time period of 2 years and it gives overseas insurance coverage to the students.
  • 6) Corporate Travel Insurance: Those who often travel abroad for their business purpose often need this insurance. This is valid upto 1 year and provides coverage on flight delay, medical expense, loss of baggage, missing connecting flight. This allows the person to take several journeys without any worry.
  • 7) Multi-Trip Travel Insurance:This insurance is meant for those people who goes in lot of travelling due to nature of their work. They are not meant to buy a new policy before each journey as this insurance policy offers them several benefits in one go. This saves up a large amount of money and is very popular among people who go on a frequent trip throughout the year.
  • 8) Group Travel Insurance:This insurance is meant for people who travel in groups to some destination. It could be an official tour, family tour, pilgrimage tour or industrial training. This insurance covers travelling within India and abroad as well. It provides accidental cover and loss of baggage cover as well.
  • 9) Flight Insurance:This insurance saves the traveller from unforeseen flight delays and cancellation. It provides collective coverage of health insurance and baggage as well. It also covers medical expense, accidental death, flight cancellation and missed connecting flight.
  • 10) Medical Travel Insurance:This insurance provides an extensive medical coverage to the travelers during their journey. It covers medical expenses, hospitalization expenses, dental expenses and medical evacuation charges as well.
  • 11) Baggage Insurance:If you lose your baggage during your journey due to theft or any other mishap then this insurance comes to your rescue. This saves you from the loss that occur on your travel plans while you are out and away from your land.

Why To Buy Travel Insurance?

  • 1) If you fall sick while you are abroad then you must be medically insured. Treatment abroad is very expensive and it can flow out all your money like water. With travel insurance by your side, it will take care of your medical expenses and hospitalization charges too. The wide network of hospitals also helps in letting you avail the cashless treatment without putting any pressure on your pocket financially.
  • 2) If you are stuck up in some rural area during your travelling, whether in India or abroad, then travel insurance will help you right away. If there are no medical facilities available there then insurer will evacuate you from that area and shift you to a better area with good medical facilities available.
  • 3) Outstation journey can be full of stress and travel insurance makes it stress free for you. It covers almost all unforeseen incidents that might happen during travel and gives you an instant helping hand throughout your journey.
  • 4) There are lot of flight related complications while you are travel in India or abroad. There might be flight delay or cancellation, loss of baggage or delay in connecting flight. All this is covered by travel insurance to give you a smooth journey ahead.
  • 5) Travel insurance is not just meant for an individual but it is meant for all the family members travelling along.
  • 6) In case you come across robbery and run out of cash due to that, travel insurance will arrange emergency cash for you in no time.

What Is Covered Under Travel Insurance?

  • 1) Any loss due to cancelled trip is covered under travel insurance.
  • 2) In case, you face missed flight or delay in flight due to any unforeseen circumstances then travel insurance pay for your incurred expenses and also compensate for the meals and accomodation relates expenses as well.
  • 3) Loss of baggage and its content is covered by travel insurance and you will be reimbursed for lost items in your baggage. Terms and conditions vary from company to company in India.
  • 4) If the insured person passes away during his travel plan then travel insurance will compensate the legal nominee of the family for the loss.
  • 5) Any medical emergency or transportation required for nearby hospital is covered under travel insurance whether the person is in India or abroad.

Exclusions Of Travel Insurance

  • 1) Any person travelling in India or abroad under the influence of alcohol and drugs will not be covered by the travel insurance company. Illness or injury caused due to this reason is not covered under this policy.
  • 2) Any claim that is related to cosmetic surgery is not covered in this policy.
  • 3) Any self-inflicted injury or suicide is not covered under this policy.
  • 4) If the passport is left unattended by the insured person and it leads to loss of passport is not covered by travel insurance.
  • 5) If the insured person is travelling abroad against any medical advice given to him then any medical treatment expense is not covered under travel insurance.